Have you ever wondered if those everyday coins in your pocket could be worth more than their face value?

Do you want to know which coins are rare and which ones are ten a penny?

Perhaps you've got a collection of coins that you'd like to sell but don't know where to start? Fear not, my friend, all will be revealed.

Inside this book you'll discover everything you need to know to start making money from your coin collection. From identifying rare and valuable coins, to finding out how much they're worth, I cover it all in this easy-to-follow guide.

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Trust no one - except this book

Dear cointrepreneur,

Thanks for stopping by. It's me, the undercover coin seller and I think you'll be interested in what I am about to share.

You know how it works by now, this is the bit where I give you a chunk of back story (sob story) and maybe pull at your hearts strings a little.

Well it's not so bad, and I'm a busy man as I'm about to explain, so we're just gonna have to skip that part and write this on the fly.

OK, every day, I get asked the same two questions over and over again and, even for a cool cat like me, it gets a little tedious after the hundredth time.....and more importantly, it's kinda costing me money.

How so?

I receive phone calls and voicemails all the time from gorgeous, good looking, sexy, curious people (i made the last one up) who have found coins in their change, asking....

Do you buy coins? Do you do valuations? or words to that effect.

Now I'm a helpful guy, I'll happily take your call and we can chat away like two old dears but a 'thanks for all your advice' or 'that's good to know, thanks a lot' as we end the call, just doesn't pay the bills.

I'm a coin seller, and a good one. I'm here to sell coins and make money, it's what I do. I need to focus on that, be selfish, with all due respect.

Plus (and here's the kicker), for every phone call and every voicemail left, my phone provider charges me a fee - yes, all those 'thank yous' are adding to those bills that still aren't being paid.

Sure, I want to help you and I definitely don't want to leave you high and dry, but there's only so many hours in a day, right?

If there are so many people just like you, asking the same questions, time and time again (Is my coin rare? How much is it worth? Do you want to buy it off me?) there must be a better way.

What if I could get you the same information faster and easier and you wouldn't have to ring round coin dealers, you'd have the information in the palm of your hand.

I finally figured it out.

I had this crazy idea - what if I put together a punchy little handbook (no fluff) that answered all the questions I have been asked over the years....better still....reveal ALL in the 'mysterious' world of coin selling and divulge my insider secrets and tips to show you how you can make money from the coins in your pocket.

Give you every little thing, every big thing, nothing held back. Give you all you need to answer your own questions, and make you the expert! It's a win-win. You scratch my back, I'll pat yours.

Yep, 20 years of coin selling experience handed to you on a plate.

What if I told you that your spare change holds secrets to real cash? What if you have a coin in your pocket right now that's worth double, triple, or even a hundred times it's face value?

Would you know? Would you wanna know? Of course, right?

You want to spot a rare coin a mile off, you want to find out the value of every coin you're likely to find in your change in seconds and you need to be armed with all the insider tips from an experienced dealer to guarantee you make the most of every coin in your collection!

With my book, you'll never let another valuable coin slip through your fingers ever again!

(Or leave another voicemail)


the Undercover Coin Seller

p.s. I knew you were curious, I could just tell.

p.p.s I've stuck a bit of a bonus in at the end for you, but you'll have to be quick(ish) to get it.

Why buy my book?

There's lots of reasons. Here's a few (swipe!)

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What's in my book?

There's lots of things. Brief summary below.

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Grab Your Instant Download NOW

My eBook is downloadable instantly and can be viewed on your phone, ipad, laptop, desktop and lots more. No need to wait around to get your hands on it. It will be with you in a jiffy. Read as you go!

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage.png__PID:9f7f7056-a58d-4840-89b4-88bb6dd27edc

Discover my 10 Golden Rules to accelerate your success

I'll show you how to achieve your goals at a faster pace. With my comprehensive roadmap of practical tips & insights, You're guaranteed to start your coin selling journey off on the right track. 

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage (1).png__PID:7056a58d-b840-49b4-88bb-6dd27edcfacb

Follow my step by step guide to identify rare coins FAST

I break down the process into manageable steps, providing clear instructions and tips for success. You'll be a whizz in no time and confidently spot and identify valuable rare coins at a glance. 

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage (2).png__PID:4009b488-bb6d-427e-9cfa-cb99794ea4e2

Learn how to find how much your coin is worth in a flash!

Quickly determine the true value of your coin using my expert advice and guidance. You'll be equipped to make informed decisions to maximise profits when selling your super duper pocket change.

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage (3).png__PID:b488bb6d-d27e-4cfa-8b99-794ea4e227ea

Understand where and when to sell your coins for bigger profits

Maximising profits is key! I'll take you through the process to strategically choose when and where to sell your coins for the highest possible return and ensure you benefit from a smooth and profitable selling experience. Kerching!

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage (5).png__PID:facb9979-4ea4-4227-aac4-f98316e4a88f

Save time & money by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes

We all make mistakes, even I'm not perfect! But this is where my loss is definitely your gain. I've wasted bucket loads of time and money on things that don't work, just so you don't have to - I'll make sure you avoid any potential banana skins.

10 Golden Rules Image Homepage (7).png__PID:4ea4e227-eac4-4983-96e4-a88f6cce172e

Announcing my proven techniques for scaling up pronto

I focus on efficiency and effectiveness, and have developed strategies that have been tried and tested without all the stress and headaches. Say goodbye to roadblocks and hello to smooth sailing as you implement these techniques and watch your business thrive!

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 Exclusive Mintage & Valuation Guides All in one place

Get a value instantly for any UK legal tender coin you've found in your change, with my handy mintage and valuation guides. With up-to-date information on mintage numbers, rarity levels, and current market values, it's your one-stop gold dust shop.

Unlock the potential of your UK coin collection with my new eBook, "How to Sell Your Coins and Make Money."

Frequently Asked Questions

And the answers (expand!)

Of course, we all have questions, don't we? Some of which I can answer here.

I've put together a list of the ones I get asked most often about my book and by the answers given, you can make sure it is right for you and confirms what it brings to the table.

What I will say is, all my customers get my personal email and get access to me. Your message will land squarely in my in tray and you will get a personal response.

I want to help as many people as I can so if the answer to your question is not listed here, or in my book, no problem, just drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Free of charge of course. Sweet.

Get 1:1 Advice (FREE)

What my beautiful customers are saying....

Aww you gotta love 'em!

Ethan Carey

I went through the coins I have saved over the last couple of years and added up what they were worth. Turns out they had a face value of £54.50 but actually worth £355.50! WOW!

Sophie Lawson

Found a few £2 and 50p coins in my change and I had no idea if they were rare or worth anything. Came across this book while searching online and decided to buy. The valuation guides told me exactly how much my coins were worth. Really enjoyed reading it, the guy writing it made me laugh!

Peter Lorrimer

I've been collecting coins for years, but decided to give it up as I needed the money - never knew how to sell my collection. This book shows you how and where to sell and I'm really pleased with the money I made.

Colin Markham

If you're serious about making money selling coins, then this book is a must-read. The practical advice and insider tips he gives are really straight forward, really easy to put into practice and see results. 5 Star book, Bravo!

Jack Hetherington

I must say for the price of the book it really surprised me how well it's put together. I got into coin collecting a while back and thought I knew quite a bit but this certainly gave me a good insight into selling coins and being on the flip side!

Samantha Connor

Love it! This book is a great read and was sad when it ended! Would recommend it to anyone interested in coins and what they might be worth. All laid out really well and I felt by the end I was fully up to speed with coin buying and selling. Can you write another one soon! Please!

Free  Updates For Life!

Limited Time Offer

As a token of my appreciation, I want to make you a promise: you’ll receive unlimited updates for life when you buy my book today! That's right, to make sure all the info in my book is up to date and all the coin values are bang on, for a very LIMITED time, I'm offering you the chance to receive free updates for life!

Coin markets evolve, new discoveries emerge, and strategies shift. Rest assured, whenever there’s fresh insight or a game-changing release, I'll embellish my book, update the values and you’ll be the first to know. FREE OF CHARGE!

Sincerely, the Undercover coin seller xx

p.s. is that yellow box straight? I think it is but it looks wonky, I've just created an optical illusion without trying! Carry on, the button's below.

There’s lots of great reasons to buy my book, here are a few (5).svg__PID:f4c8b455-b662-44b4-b9eb-41af90defa1d

What you get Today?

The book (obvs)

The little blue book with all the right numbers. Jam packed full of goodness and joy. From beginner to expert in less than 24 hours!

Valuation guides 

For every coin, there is a value. For every value there is a profit to be made. Lists upon lists here of the coins in your pocket. Enjoy!

1:1 Support

You're just a click away from touching base. Any advice you need, just let me know and I'll be happy to help. Don't be shy!. 

Lifetime Updates

No recurring charges here. Just £7.99 and your book stays up to date forever. It's all you'll ever need, it's all you'll ever want!

So, now we're one step off the footer, I can do no more, we have come to the end of our rainbow. Hopefully, I have given you all the right reasons to get a copy of my book - but if not, no hard feelings. It's been a blast. As I said, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, everyone who purchases my book gets the opportunity to become an affiliate and make 33% commission on every successful referral - pretty cool eh? Thanks again.